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According to Niche, Plano is one of the best cities to live in Texas. It is home to various landmarks, schools, and corporate headquarters.

Luckily for the residents (and visitors), it is also home to a multitude of restaurants with endless, delicious options.

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and the delicious food shouldn’t fall short. Although I’m a lover of the classic breakfast combo of eggs and bacon, I love leaving my comfort zone to explore new innovative dishes.

I prefer savory brunch dishes but cannot resist a sweet treat to snack on during or after my meal. Did somebody say cinnamon roll? Check out my list of the Best Brunch in Plano, Texas below!

Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar

Whiskey Cake Kitchen is the ideal brunch spot for comfort food-seekers. They only cook from scratch and use fresh, local ingredients, and you can truly taste the difference.

It’s located right by the Kroger Dallas Parkway. Brunch is available on Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM.

Their brunch menu consists of a variety of cocktails, juices, snacks, and classic comfort food with a breakfast twist.

I prefer to kick off my brunch with a mimosa, but if fruity beverages aren’t your thing, you can opt for a delicious Bloody Mary.

My favorite items on this menu are the Croque Madame-It and the Shrimp & Grits. When I’m feeling something sweet, their Chicken & Waffle dish curbs all of my cravings.

Bread Winners

Some mornings, nothing beats a classic egg and bacon combo to fulfill your brunch needs. Bread Winners, located across from Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, provides classic American cuisine for breakfast, brunch, and lunch.

I never regret starting the day (and my brunch) off with their Brunch Tots with creamy queso, savory pork belly, and spicy sriracha.

However, I keep it classic for my main course—I stick with the Basic Breakfast. The dish consists of two eggs, your choice of potatoes or grits, and your choice of toast or buttermilk biscuit. Bread Winners’ thick-cut Jalapeno bacon is a delicious way to spice up any meal.

Benedict’s Restaurant

Located across from the Sandman Signature Plano Frisco Texas Hotel, Benedict’s Restaurant takes a classic dish and makes it its own.

Eggs Benedict is a go-to for many Americans. It primarily consists of poached eggs, sliced ham, and hollandaise sauce.

As delicious as the classic is, I love how Benedict’s Restaurant puts its own twists on the traditional dish.

Although there are several other menu items like omelets, breakfast tacos, and skillets, I prefer to try a new Eggs Benedict dish every time I visit.

My personal favorite is the Santa Fe Benedict, where the eggs are smothered in chorizo, guacamole, and diced tomatoes.

Black Walnut Cafe

The Black Walnut Cafe is located at the intersection of Legacy Drive and Warren Parkway, nearby a few medical institutions.

The menu consists of American classics with hints from other food cultures (Birria Breakfast Enchiladas, anyone?)

Their weekend brunch menu is full of everything a foodie could ever dream of: from avocado toast to a Lemon Blueberry Pancake Stack, there is a menu item to please all tastebuds.

When I’m in the mood for something light, I prefer the Breakfast Croissant Sandwich. Another one of my favorite dishes is the Oatmeal Griddle Cakes. Don’t forget to get your caffeine fix with Black Walnut Cafe’s Spiked Cold Brew Coffee!

Eddie’s Diner

Eddie’s Diner is located between Jason’s Deli and Club Pilates on W Parker Road. This location prides itself in its classic staples and Tex-Mex menu additions.

The first thing I noticed on this menu was the variety of sweet dishes—I couldn’t resist the Sundae Waffle. Who doesn’t want ice cream for breakfast?

After my dessert-for-breakfast splurge, I decided on the fiesta skillets. Eddie’s Diner’s skillets come with hashbrowns topped with two eggs cooked however you like it.

You can choose between toast, biscuits, or pancakes to top off your plate. Their biscuits are a flakey, delicious must-have!

Norma’s Cafe

Norma’s Cafe prides itself on its Texas-style comfort food. Their roots are built on country breakfasts consisting of biscuits and gravy.

Their newest location, in Plano, is located off of 75 and Alma. Nothing beats Norma’s Cafe’s Ol’ Number 7. I’ve ordered it both times that I’ve visited this location.

Their flakey biscuit is topped with scrambled eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns, and then smothered with cheese, jalapenos, and tomatoes.

Can’t beat their classics. Check out their website for daily menu features, but keep in mind that they may not be at all locations.

Press Waffle Co.

Press Waffle Co. is located amongst several delicious restaurant choices, like Fogo de Chao and Son of a Butcher.

However, this breakfast joint holds its own with its unique waffle menu. My favorite thing about Press Waffle Co. is the customizability of their menu items.

If you aren’t in the mood for any of their set menu items, you can choose from a variety of fresh fruits, sauces, and ice cream to top off your waffle creation. Don’t forget the house-made whipped cream!

My go-to at Press Waffle Co. is The Happy Camper. It is a delicious, golden Belgian waffle with toasted marshmallows, chocolate syrup, and cookie butter on top.

You don’t have to have a sweet tooth to enjoy Press Waffle Co.—you can’t go wrong with the classic Chicken & Waffles option.

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