How To Draw A Pomeranian

How To Draw A Pomeranian

How To Draw A Pomeranian. Draw Pomeranian in just 6 easy steps! There are many dogs breeds out there, but you could use some help finding a breed that’s smaller, cuter, or fluffier than the adorable Pomeranian. These puppies have become popular worldwide due to their incredible cuteness and quirky personality. They’re also known for being absurdly furry and fluffy, and while that makes them very cute, it can also be quite difficult to learn how to draw a Pomeranian.

Although difficult, it can be much easier with the right tutorial! Luckily, this is the tutorial you’ve been looking for on how to do it! You can draw many more characters like house drawing, Anubis drawing, cat drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more drawing for kids.

Step 1:

The eyes will be quite small and round, and they will be surrounded by a few curved lines to make it look like there is a lot of hair around. Next, use lots of small, sharp lines to outline the top of the Pomeranian’s head. These sharp lines will again make the dog beautiful and fluffy. Pomeranians have small, rounded ears, so you can draw them on top of the head before continuing.

Step 2:

This chest will extend from where the left side outline ended. The chest will also be drawn with lots of clean lines, as we want the chest to look as fluffy and hairy as the head. Moving down the chest, we use wider pointed lines to make the hair look longer and thicker. Pomeranians also have cute little stubby legs, and we’ll draw the front legs in this step. The outline of the front of the legs will be quite smooth, but the back of the legs will be drawn with sharper, jagged lines to give them a hairy look.

Step 3:

We won’t be drawing the midsection of the Pomeranian at this time, so check the reference image to make sure your version has a short body length. First, bring the hind legs together. They will look more like the front legs but be slightly wider at the top of the legs. Next, we will draw the back outline of the tail. This will be curled up and on the dog’s back. It will also be drawn with sharp, curved lines to give it a nice fluffy look.

Step 4:

First, draw shapes inside the outline of the head, which is made up of pointed sections that extend outward. These can be tricky to draw, so do your best to replicate them as they appear in our reference image. With these details added, next, we will add the front of the tail. We’ll draw this part using lots of wavy lines to show that the tail ends in thick, wavy hair. Then we’ll stand ready for the final contacts in the following step!

Step 5:

This means that we will draw the middle part of the dog. For this middle section, we’ll add more spiky and curly section shapes like the ones you used for the face. Finish the outline with larger pointed lines, and you’re ready for the final step! Before proceeding, please also add any additional details you wish. What kind of background would suit this cute little dog?

Step 6:

This dog breed typically has a tan and tan color scheme, which we have chosen in our sample image of this Pomeranian design. You can use similar colors for your design and unique colors for your Pomeranian variant! Will you go for the classic Pomeranian color palette or change it up? Even after choosing your colors, remember that you can still have fun experimenting with your favorite art tools and mediums.

Finished Drawing!

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