How To Have A Proper Eye Care Routine

Eye care refers to the efforts of taking care of your eyes not only the internal health but also the outer appearance of your eyes. It is a very important part of self-care that is often overlooked consequently resulting in poor eye health internally which also gets visible on the outside.

Today, we will share a few important tips on how you can take care of your eyes further adding up with the importance of having a proper eye care routine in detail and concluding the article with a few of the best products for eye care, both organic homemade and branded.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Eyes

Eye care is vital for the overall health of your eyes and good vision which is only possible if the eyes are healthy and being taken care of regularly. Following simple eye care tips may prevent the eyes from damage and prolonged loss of vision. Here are a few of the useful tips you can own

  1. Regular Eye Check Ups

It is important to visit your eye specialist every  6 months to maintain a healthy eye. Having your eyes checked regularly also prevents the risk of potential eye infections and damages way before their occurrence especially when one has a family history of eye problems.

  1. Protection From The Sun

It is important to protect your eyes from direct contact with the sun. it is suggested to wear sunglasses every time you go out in the sun to protect your eyes from the harmful rays. These harmful rays not only damage the eyes from the inside but also the outer skin resulting in pigmentation and dark circles around the eyes.

  1. Proper Cleaning

Good hygiene prevents tons of diseases and germs from attacking your body both from the inside and outside. Make a routine to clean your eyes every time you get home after spending hours outside to get rid of any dirt and dryness that may cause infections. Furthermore, make sure your hands are properly washed before you touch your eyes. If you wear contact or any other sort of eye lenses make sure the lenses are properly washed in the lens solution before use.

  1. Cut Out Some Screen Time

Have you heard of the 20-20-20 rule? No? Here is your guide. Whenever you are exposed to a screen, cut out your screen time after every 20 minutes to look at at least 20 feet away from your screen at any object for 20 seconds. This will give your eyes a break from constant screen exposure and rays that can be damaging to the eyes and vision in the longer run.

  1. Eat And Drink Healthy

You are what you eat. Having a diet rich in nutrients and water will keep your eyes hydrated from the inside and healthy-looking from the outside as well. Some specific food is known to be good for eye health including carrots, salmon, and food rich in omega 3.

Importance Of Having A Religiously Followed Eye Care Routine

Often overlooked, eye care is anecessity yet to be realized by so many of us.  Maintaining a proper eye care routine serves a lot of benefits not in the shorter run only but also in the long run from damage and infections. The following are major benefits to be reaped from a good eye care routine

  1. Healthy Vision

The foremost benefit of maintaining a good eye care routine is good vision. Eating healthy, taking good care, using good quality products, cutting out screen time, wearing protection against the sun, and the rest will eventually result in a healthier vision quality that will last longer unless or until vision lost at an early age exists in the family. If such is the case, good care may delay the damage.

  1. Reduced Risk Of Eye Infections

Washing your eyes properly, getting rid of all the dirt and dust, and getting your eyes checked regularly by an eye specialist results in a reduced risk of potential eye infections which are prone to happen with dust, dryness, and pollution in the environment.

  1. Protection Against Damage

An overlooked eye care routine results in a number of risks associated with eye health. However, if a good routine is followed religiously, the risks of damage are reduced. For instance, wearing sunglasses and making use of good quality sunscreen prevents the damage caused by the sun’s rays, minimizing screen time can reduce the risk of vision loss, etc.

  1. Reduced Risk Of Chronic Infection

Properly washed eye poses a greater chance of healthier eye. Therefore, a properly followed eye care routine promises a reduced risk of infections that might happen from poorly maintained eyes.

  1. Improved Quality Of Life

Taking care of your eyes requires you to put in a lot of effort. From external care to making sure you eat well, it takes so much of your energy, time, and motivation. Managing to make it all happen not only helps achieve the primary purpose, i.e., improved eye health but also enhances the overall quality of life.

Best Eye Care Products

There are some of the best eye care products that can add up to your eye care routine that must be incorporated into your daily life. Following are the cosmetic items that may contribute to the purpose

  1. Eye Creams And Serums

Instead of using physical scrubs, it is recommended to use eye serums and creams that are rich in vitamin C and hyaluronic acid that aims at treating your pigmentation under the eye, brightening the skin, and preventing wrinkles. These serums are to be used only at night when they get enough time to get absorbed into the skin and act as a chemical exfoliate to rejuvenate the skin texture and tone.

Furthermore, it is very important to use sunscreen religiously to avoid the rays penetrating into the skin by providing your skin a barrier against the external environment that is harsh and dry in nature, especially during summer.

  1. Artificial Eyelashes

If you have an event to attend and you love wearing fancy false lashes, make sure the hair on the lash is clean from dust. Eyelashes are meant to protect the eyes from dust as their natural function apart from enhancing beauty. Wearing artificial lashes is a good way of protecting against the environment. Remember to look for the quality components and the hair used to make the lashes on the eyelash packaging.

  1. Eye Makeup Removing Products

Lastly, as much as it is important to use good quality makeup products on your eyes, it is equally important to use the best quality makeup removal products for the eyes.

It is important to understand that maintaining a good eye care routine is not a luxury but a necessity.

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