Review of the Ricoma EM-1010 Embroidery Machine

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There are numerous embroidery machines for Embroidery digitizing services that are suitable for marketable scale, but if you want to start your business from home, or if you have just started your business on a small scale, you just need a good home embroidery machine.

There’s no mistrustfulness that the type of embroidery machine helps us a lot in our embroidery work, and that’s why choosing the suitable embroidery machine is one of the most essential and most important effects.

Ricoma EM- 1010 has all the features to meet your embroidery needs whether you’re a freshman, neophyte, or sewerage specialist or you’re ready to start a home- grounded business!

The Ricoma EM- 1010 Bundled Value

Start your coming embroidery design using Embroidery digitizing service with the pack value of Ricoma EM- 1010! This complete package has everything you need to start your coming embroidery design or take your embroidery chops to the coming position. Choosing this popular Ricoma sewing machine with a pack price means you’ll get further for lower plutocrat. This pack is full of precious attributes and includes

  • Moving plant stand
  • 4 loops( for different capabilities)
  • Cape attachments including cape motorist, cap ring, cap, station
  • Chroma digitizing software
  • erected- in stock designs
  • Complete starter tackle thread, bobbins, baking, and more
  • Online training vids
  • Limited 25- time bond

Main Features


With our easy- to- use intuitive high- description touch screen, viewing your systems and operating your machines will come an extension of you. You ’ll enjoy viewing, resizing, or editing your design on a 7- inch TV screen with its 160- degree viewing angle, no need to stand up to see how your design evolves. Is. To make it easier to see, we ’ve added a simple rotating control arm to rotate the screen a full 45 degrees horizontally and 25 degrees vertically to insure a perfect view from any direction. Not only do we get better viewing angles with our new TV, but we ’ve also reduced energy consumption by about 20.

Automatic Color Change

The Em- 1010 is equipped with an automatic color- changing system, icing that your designs run from launch to finish and don’t need to be covered for progress.

Pre-Set Hoops

The Em- 1010 makes embroidery easy, the Em- 1010 haspre-set loops that help it choose the right circle for the right design. 1 x Hope2.8 “ x2.0 ”, 1 x Hope4.3 “ x4.3 ”, 1 x Hope7.5 “ x5.5 ”, 1 x Hope12.2 “ x8.2 ”.

Thread boscage discovery system

noway miss a sew! Ricoma Em- 1010 comes with a forward- allowing thread break discovery system. This system won’t only help help thread breakage but will also insure that the machine stops your design incontinently so that it noway sews again!

The shorter the sewing arm, the more effective!

exaggerate the lowest particulars with EM- 1010. Ricoma Em- 1010 has a 2 “ sewing arm that gives you the capability to exaggerate on the lowest particulars from one to fund. Take advantage of the eventuality of one of the lowest sewing arms in the assiduity.

Includes 10 erected- in sources and hundreds more!

The Em- 1010 is packed with 10 internal sources( more sources need access, just look at the Wilcom software we ’ve handed you). Included sources are Roman Italic, Goody Bold, Eurosurf, Hubo, Brush Script, Block, Brantford, Calligraphy, Sun Block, and Sun Italic.

Linear companion rail

The direct companion rail makes the machine more dependable and ensures a smooth transition from different needles and colors. To insure a smooth and clean finished embroidery.

Automatic thread trimming

The EM- 1010 will produce beautifully drafted systems every time. Automatic thread trouncing will insure a easily finished design.

High- Quality Servo Motor

The servo motor makes the machine more durable and dependable. Servo motors ameliorate machine performance and protract life while reducing energy consumption.

Automatic power failure deliverance

noway worry about a power outage again. The EM- 1010’s intelligent processors automatically back up your design in the event of a power outage or accidental power outage. With our automated data recovery point, you wo n’t miss a sew when your machine shuts down and restarts latterly!

Dual Internal Processor

If one is good also two should be good! The EM- 1010 has binary internal processors that enable design input/ affair while the machine is running. This is a time- saving point designed for multitaskers.

Embroidery strip Lighting

Your embroidery did n’t look as good as it would under our full diapason strip lighting. With 5 erected- in LED lights you’ll find that this new and advanced lighting provides directional light rather of globular light, furnishing light original to 20 regular bulbs. The exaggerated strip lighting system also helps reduce eye strain.

Easy thread pressure system

The beauty of our functional engineering will insure that the EM- 1010 will run easily in the times to come. The EM- 1010 uses a patented easy- to- use thread pressure control system that comes with plant estimation and will insure you use at least times of adaptation. Gives you all the inflexibility to make the standard embroidery you ’ve always pictured of.

Design We give you more so you can do more!

Included with every EM- 1010 home embroidery machine we give you with,000 standard embroidery designs. You can fluently load up to 200 designs for easy access on your EM- 1010 or use any of the 10 erected- in sources to make these images more customizable. We revitalize your imagination and creativity and make them more particular by conforming the distance or angle. Connect to the included software to pierce a wide range of designs, sources, and monogramming capabilities.

PC to Machine bus link

Computer capabilities make it easy to use your EM- 1010 erected on Ethernet for design operation on a PC or to connect multiple machines. And can be upgraded to work wirelessly with your computer.

RiCOMA EM- 1010 Overview

The EM- 1010 is a 10- needle machine designed for home embroidery suckers, suckers, and tradesmen. With a 7inches intuitive stoner-friendly TV touch screen interface, it truly defines what a home embroidery machine can be. Featherlight and durable, this RiCOMA embroidery machine and stand come complete with everything you would crave in a home embroidery machine. largely loaded RiCOMA is the choice of embroidery suckers because of its affordable and stoner-friendly design. Check ZDIGITIZING Embroidery digitizing services.

The machine itself allows you to fluently upload a digital image( either via USB or LAN) and within a many traces of its intuitive touch screen, you’re ready to start your coming creation. Easy to use and to operate Make RiCOMA your stylish choice for all your home embroidery systems.

Pros and Cons of Ricoma EM- 1010


  • 10 needle embroidery machine
  • specialized support
  • Excellent bond
  • A treasure trove of online training vids
  • Comes with a stage
  • 4 circle sizes
  • chapeau and cap attached
  • Design software


  • Too precious if only for craft and hobbyhorse use

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