The Top Gaming Consoles of 2015


It’s once again that time of year. You’re considering purchasing one of the three newest game consoles available as the holiday shopping season approaches. Never is this a simple choice. You must make a difficult decision on whether the console is for you, a significant other, or a loved one. The good news is that we have the solutions you need.

PlayStation Wii U

Starting with the video game system that has been available the longest is the Nintendo Wii U. This is Nintendo’s successor to the Wii, their wildly successful motion-based gaming system. Although being the least well-liked of the three, this one is also the least expensive at at $299.99.

Compared to the Playstation 4 or the Xbox One, the Wii U is a different kind of console because it is a lot more family-friendly. Like a good Pixar film, Nintendo has always been noted for its endearing charm for children. The greatest Wii U gaming systems are designed to be played in a shared space with close friends and family. Although there is far less emphasis on online play, it is by no means the most feature-rich or powerful platform. Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, and Pikmin 3 are a some of the incredibly endearing games you can only get here. These three games are essential for this platform, and they may all be played together.

The Top Gaming Consoles of 2015

A platform game featuring Mario, everyone’s favorite plumber, is called Super Mario 3D World. This game differs from earlier Mario games in that it the first 3D Mario to fully played with up to four players. Then there is Mario Kart 8, a fantastically furious and fast-paced kart racing game that improves on everything the series has done well. Pikmin 3, Dinosaur Game is the last game on the list. It’s a cute game where you command a collection of alien creatures to solve various challenges and feed a starving ship crew.

Xbox One from Microsoft

The Xbox One, the third and most feature-rich gaming system offered by Microsoft, comes next. The Xbox One is a versatile multimedia controller that can used for much more than just gaming. With the capability of directly plugged into by your cable box, speakers, and other devices, this system aspires to the focal point of your living area. Why do you want this, exactly?

The Xbox One comes with a gadget called Kinect, though. One of the remarkable advantages of the Kinect, a motion-sensor camera with voice recognition, is the capability to control your cable with voice commands. If you have DVR, the Kinect lets you change the channel, pause, fast-forward, or rewind anything you’re viewing by simply telling it to. You can also activate the Xbox One and go across the entire device without ever picking up a controller, so using your voice isn’t limited to just that.

Snap is a feature on the Xbox One that lets you perform two tasks at once. As the major football game is on, would you like to play Call of Duty? You can if you simply say “Xbox Snap Television” while you’re playing. It’s that easy. The newest console from Microsoft also enables you to compile all of your content from services like Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, cable, and more into a single, user-friendly guide called “Oneguide.” The Xbox One’s lone drawback is if you choose to utilize a controller to navigate. You’ll discover a UI that isn’t the most user-friendly and requires some getting accustomed to.

A Kinect

The Xbox One Consoles still functions primarily as a gaming system even while it aspires to be the ultimate media controller. All of the top games, including Assassin’s Creed, Battlefield, and Call of Duty, are available here. But is playing on these gaming consoles in this manner always the best option? It boils down to personal preference between the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, but generally speaking, these games have a greater resolution on Sony’s system.

Microsoft doesn’t quite have the first-party roster that Sony and Nintendo do when it comes to exclusive games that are only accessible on the Xbox One. This is not to argue that they don’t have many exclusive games; they simply favor collaborating with other creators over running their own studios. Even though the Xbox One has only been available for a year, it has some excellent titles, albeit many of the greatest tend to be shooting games.

Microsoft’s current top exclusive game for the system called Titanfall. You will thrust into intense combat between humans and enormous robotic suits in this online shooter. It’s tumultuous, intense, and fantastic. This year’s other major new shooter called Destiny, and it was developed by the same people who made Halo. Shooter Destiny focuses on character creation and gathering various weapons and equipment for that character. It is a completely online-only game. Both a cooperative and superb competitive mode are available for the full game.

Forza Motorsports 5 is a remarkably realistic racing game that Microsoft offers to aficionados of the sport. You can race all the cars you’ve ever wanted on all the tracks you’ve ever wanted in this game. But, there are always new games coming out. We still have Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare this year, along with a ton of other exciting things.

PlayStation 4 by Sony

The Playstation 4 is the third Consoles and is now the most well-liked, breaking numerous sales records. The main objective of Sony’s most recent system is gaming. The Playstation 4 is difficult to beat if you want the most recent releases and cutting edge graphics. The console might not have the adorable Nintendo game consoles on it or be as feature-rich as the Xbox One. Yet, Sony has a strong first-party roster of its own.

The clean and user-friendly UI of this device is one of its outstanding qualities. You will quickly learn how to use it because it is so simple. The Playstation 4 also boasts one of the best things a console can now provide. You require a WiFi connection and a Playstation Vita in order to play PS4 games on your Vita. With the Playstation Vita, you can use your next-generation console from hundreds of kilometers away.

In terms of gaming, Sony’s Playstation 4 definitely shines. It features all the top titles, including Battlefield and Call of Duty, just like the Xbox One. But, the PS4 offers a fantastic baseball game that neither the Xbox One nor the Wii U have. MLB: The Show, Sony’s unique baseball game, is unquestionably the best one available if you or anyone else using this platform is a baseball lover. In actuality, it the only baseball game left today. Spider Solitaire, Madden, and other sports-related video games are all available on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The Top Gaming Consoles of 2015

Xbox One

Two fantastic Sony exclusives are The Last of Us, a post-apocalyptic survival horror game with superb storytelling and gameplay, and Infamous. In the open-world action game Second Son, you can use your superpowers to run across Seattle. These are some of the top video games available. Moreover, Destiny is here with PlayStation 4-only exclusive content.

The console itself costs a moderate $400, making it an excellent investment. Sony’s most recent model might your best bet if all you want to do with your console play games.

Using a PS4 projector will improve your gaming experience. Your game experience could be much enhanced.

They are all fantastic devices with the best games Consoles, but they also have their advantages and disadvantages. There is only one right choice here: the one that is best for you or your loved one. Gaming consoles are perfect gifts for the holidays, and anyone who receives one would thrilled.

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