5 Tips To Get Customised Engagement Rings In A Budget


The Big day of getting engaged is nearby, and you are rushing to get the best. But If you are a first-time diamond buyer looking for bespoke engagement rings, learn a few things before moving forward. Here is a list of five tips stating how you can get a customised engagement ring without spending a fortune.

No need to go for a higher Colour grade for Clarity

Just like the colour grading of diamonds, first-time purchasers mostly get confused. The general misconception is that only high-clarity diamonds provide sparkle. The brilliance of a diamond lies in its cut quality. So go for a better cut quality instead of Clarity.

Know the Basics that Determine the Price of a Diamond

When buying diamonds, the basic 4Cs are essential. Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat are the primary attributes to define the quality of a diamond. These 4Cs are the reasons that vary a diamond price. 

Cut: The cut of a diamond says how well-proportionate and well-crafted it is. Better cut quality defines the sparkle of a diamond.

Clarity: Clarity is another point to consider when purchasing a diamond. Clarity refers to the proper assessment of imperfections and inclusions in a diamond. To grade diamonds, the scale of IF or Internally Flawless to I3 or Included is used.

Colour: When it comes to the colour evaluation of a diamond, experts use GIA’s D-Z scale for the colour grading. On this Colour grading scale, D stands for colourless diamonds, whereas Z stands for lightly coloured ones. The colour of a diamond is evaluated on the basis of how you cannot see the colours. The more closely a diamond reaches colourlessness, its price increases. The value of a diamond is determined by being colourless with a slight hint of colour.
Carat: The Carat of a diamond is all about the diamond’s metric weight. When we say 1 carat of a diamond, it refers to 200 milligrams. Often first-time buyers consider the carat weight as the face-up size of a diamond.


Stick to Your Budget

Budget can cause a lot of hassles if not decided on prior notice. Get ample knowledge about the price of oval cut diamond rings. Customised rings are pricey at times. But you can always get better options with intelligent choices. Find the best value for the diamond you are looking for in your engagement ring and save the amount.

Select the Right Metal Option

When choosing diamonds for bespoke engagement rings, going for the right metal option is very important. Platinum is the most common metal to use with diamonds. But if you are looking for a budget-friendly ring, go for rose, white or yellow gold.

Try the Lab-grown Diamonds Over Mined Ones

Lab-grown diamonds are a good choice if you are looking for budget-friendly options. Mined diamonds are pure and costly for a reason. Not everyone can afford the mined ones. Therefore, lab-grown diamonds are gaining popularity, and people accept the same for cost-effectiveness. 
Hope you are feeling sorted about choosing the right engagement ring. Take some time, and you will find the right one. Congratulations on finding your true love. It is a happy event to celebrate your love and commitment to life. 

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