9 Writing Mistakes That Stop You from Creating Your Dream Essay

An essay is an integral part of a student’s life, so they can’t avoid writing it, as this is an important part of their life. It sometimes becomes hard for students to write an essay for many reasons, which include low confidence, insufficient knowledge, a lack of writing skills, etc. So to deal with these issues, they search for essay help that assists them to submit their dream essay. Adding to this, there are several other benefits for which they opt for this service. They save time, get good knowledge about the topic, get good grades, etc. This assistance gives them these advantages, but do you ever think about other ways one can improve their essay writing? No right? There are a lot of mistakes that students make while writing their essays, and some of them are listed here.

Want to Write an Essay about Your Dream? Avoid These Common Mistakes

Doing mistakes in essays is a common problem that scholars make, so here in this post, you can see some of them.

Poor Grammar

Grammar is an essential aspect of any writing; without proper use of this, one can’t write a perfect paper. Being a beginner it is a common mistake that almost all of them make in their documents. Poor grammar not only harms credibility but also makes writers look careless. Readers who go through any document and find any mistakes, lose interest in the paper. Above all, this grammar creates a first impression of the writer. So while writing, one should pay more attention to grammar, which students often avoid. It makes them create dull or vague papers; hence it is important to avoid making this mistake.

Use of Passive Voice

Many students use passive voice in their writing because it is easy to explain but not straight to the point. It makes sentences long and confuses readers, so one should avoid the use of passive voice. Instead, using an active voice can create magic and be more direct and strong. Sometimes using passive voice is acceptable and doesn’t create a mess, but a writer should limit it only to a few sentences. As everyone knows, academic writing focuses on two ideas, so too many passive sentences may create confusion. It also sounds wordy, and indirect and changes the meaning of sentences. So if you are a student or experienced writer, avoid using this in your write-up.

No Original Ideas

Students often present facts without any explanation, which makes is hard to understand for readers the writer’s point. If a writer presents evidence, quotes, or facts, they must remember to support it with a small summary. Doing this can make things easier for readers to understand the information. Also, presenting their own ideas and perspectives makes the document unique from others, but students fail to present original ideas. So whether you are a student, always try to create unique ideas with evidence as their backup.

Confusing Introduction/Conclusion

An introduction and conclusion allow the writer to provide a brief idea of the main content. But being a fresher, sometimes scholars fail to do justice and make several mistakes. Everyone knows that the conclusion and introduction are essential parts of any write-up. It provides readers with closure about the content. So when scholars write, they must make their essays interesting and engaging. The introduction helps readers decide whether they want to move forward or not. In conclusion, place the thesis statement so that there will be a consistent flow. So, in short, these two parts hold an essential place, and one must write them perfectly.

Incorrect Essay Formatting

Students do not understand this, but following a correct format is as necessary as other aspects. There are different formats that any university asks students to follow, and they must use them. However, doing it correctly enhances grades and creates a good impression in front of professors. Now you must be thinking why formatting is this much important, right? It is essential because it shows that students follow instructions, provides consistency, and allows them to focus on content. Furthermore, doing this perfectly makes your essay look more organized. So if you write an essay, do make sure to follow the correct format.

Using Doubtful Sources

Nowadays, scholars rely on the internet to get any information they need. There is a wide range of data available from which people gather a lot of information. But be careful, as not all information is reliable, so research extensively. All this requires an evaluation of the resource; it must give a highlighted overview of information. Check the author and their review; does the writer have a qualified degree? Will their words justify your question and be right for your reader? When was the information written? If the data is up-to-date. These are the few things that scholars must check before they rely on any information completely.

Forgetting to Proofread

You all must know what proofreading is and its importance, right? But various times, scholars (especially those who want to submit their work before the deadline) forget to proofread their papers. It gives writers a second chance to make their write-up well-versed and avoid mistakes. The most frequent errors are punctuation, grammar, and spelling, which practically every student does. So this is the best chance to erase all the mistakes and make your paper perfect so that it may attract the professor’s attention. Also, it will create a good impression in front of readers. So never forget to proofread your document. 


Every university sets some rules and regulations for essays, and word count is one of them. To meet the count, students must write the same ideas several times in different parts. If a professor finds this issue, it shows that the scholar has not done research properly and lacks knowledge. Sometimes they also have a regular habit of repeating words. It makes the essay look fluffy and might hamper marks. To avoid this issue, students should read their papers multiple times, and if there is any repetition, remove it. There are different tools available online that can be used to find repetitive words and replace them with other words.

Not Citing Properly

In Australia, universities follow the Harvard Aus style, or Style Manual, which plays a prime part in any paper or essay. Students do not understand the value of citation and make this mistake often. The proper acknowledgment of the source not only helps the scholar avoid plagiarism mistakes but also gives credit to the real source. There are other benefits of referencing:

1. Good referencing shows you have good knowledge and went through various sources.

2. Careful citation builds credibility and acts as icing on the cake.

3. It verifies the work and makes you a good writer. By doing so, your reader gets the idea that the information they are getting is authentic.

So these are a few benefits of using correct referencing; if you have been avoiding this till now, then add this next time.

These are a few mistakes that students frequently make. And it makes their papers look dull and vague. So they look for write my essay online. It is the best way to deal with their stress but while doing this, there are a few things that students must keep in mind. Like checking reviews, budget, writer’s skills, etc.

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