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CDR stands for Corporate debt restructuring which is a process of debt restructuring. It was introduced by the RBI in 2011, with the objective of improving the overall financial health of banks. It allows banks to review their existing asset quality and balance sheet performances over a period of three years, and decide on whether they should restructure their loans or not.

The process involves five steps:

  • A formal request for credit review mechanism (CRM) is submitted by an entity to its bank/financial institution; this is called a “pre-proposal” or “formal application”.
  • The CRM Cell at RBI reviews this pre-proposal before issuing final approval for it under two conditions: (i) if there are no grounds for rejection in respect of any material aspect; and (ii) if it does not produce any adverse impact on public interest.

There are several terms used to describe corporate debt restructuring. These include:

  • Debt reduction – A decrease in the principal amount of your loans (the amount you owe) or interest rate on existing loans.
  • Debt conversion – A change from one type of mortgage or loan into another type, such as from an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) to a fixed-rate one. This can help improve your monthly payment while still allowing you to pay off your remaining balance at a lower interest rate than before.
  • Debt exchange – Exchange means exchanging one form of debt for another–for example, converting $100 worth of credit card debt into $100 worth of personal loans through a negotiated deal between two parties who want each other’s services in order to solve their financial problems at no additional expense

Current Scenario

The current economic situation of the country is very complex and can be summarized as follows:

  • Financial crisis – The financial crisis began in 2007, when a number of financial institutions collapsed due to fraud and mismanagement. This led to a drop in prices on global markets, which affected many companies’ ability to pay their debts. As a result, many corporations entered into bankruptcy proceedings or restructured their debt obligations (i.e., paid less than they owed). These efforts have helped reduce the level of corporate debt but not eliminate it altogether; however, they have also led some creditors such as banks and bondholders who purchased bonds at high prices during good times but did not expect them to lose money when other investors lost confidence in those securities because they had been issued by companies whose finances were already weak due to poor management practices during previous years’ crises.”

CDR Mechanism

This is a process to restructure the debt of a company. CDR is a voluntary process, which means that it can be initiated by either the company or creditors. While Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code (IBC) provides for insolvency proceedings, CDR falls under Chapter 11 of IBC.

CDR offers companies an opportunity to restructure their debt and save themselves from financial distress; it also allows them to continue operating while they resolve their financial problems through bankruptcy proceedings.

Corporate debt restructuring

Corporate debt restructuring is a process that can be used by companies to reduce their debt load and improve their financial position.

Debt restructuring involves a company agreeing to repay its creditors in full, or in part. This may involve extending the length of time required for repayment (banking terms), reducing principal amount due on outstanding loans, or forgiving interest payments owed to lenders over time – called “debt relief.” The term “restructuring” refers specifically to this type of agreement between borrower and lender; other forms of restructuring include workouts (involving employee buyouts) and forgiveness programs for individuals who have defaulted on loans taken out by banks or other financial institutions


Corporate debt restructuring has been a big success in India. It has enabled banks to operate with lower risk appetite and has led to the growth of the corporate bonds market. In the future, it will be important for banks to have a robust CDR mechanism in place so that they can continue playing their important role in the banking system by providing credit to companies at affordable rates

Sapient Services

Corporate debt restructuring is a process that helps companies reduce their debt, or make it more manageable.

Sapient Services is a leading provider of corporate debt restructuring services to organizations across India and abroad. The company’s team of experienced chartered engineers works with clients to help them navigate the complex process of restructuring their debt. Through its deep technical expertise, Sapient Services helps clients identify their financial and operational strengths and weaknesses and develop a comprehensive debt restructuring plan that addresses their specific needs.

In addition to its debt restructuring services, Sapient Services also provides support to its clients throughout the implementation of the restructuring plan. The company’s team of experts works closely with clients to ensure that the plan is executed effectively and that all stakeholders are aligned. Sapient Services also provides ongoing monitoring and reporting services to help clients track their progress and make any necessary adjustments to their plan.

Overall, Sapient Services is dedicated to helping organizations overcome their financial challenges and achieve long-term financial stability. With its deep technical expertise, its commitment to delivering high-quality results, and its focus on customer satisfaction, the company is a trusted advisor to corporations across a wide range of industries.

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