Best Breakfast In Portsmouth Nh

Our moms generally let us know that morning meal is the main feast of the day, and presently as grown-ups, we should concede we concur (we’re intellectually getting ready for the “no real surprises there” coming our direction). It would be difficult to exploit all that Portsmouth NH brings to the table – from trekking to climbing, sailing to shopping – while starving. Luckily, there are a few incredible breakfast spots inside strolling distance of the Ale House Inn. For the sake of exploration, we’ve tried them hard and fast and give the four recorded underneath the AHI endorsement.


This curious spot has all the morning meal trimmings, from waffles to eggs to french toast, and has a genuinely neighborhood feel. Its impression might be little, yet the flapjacks (counting conventional, granola, and chocolate chip assortments) are the size of a supper plate. Server team is amicable and keeps the espresso tops off coming. Come early, come hungry.


Appreciate breakfast the entire day at this out of control diner in the focal point of town. Utilizing privately obtained fixings, Friendly Toast offers a different menu of breakfast entrées and sides, including vegetarian choices.

The café as of late went through a broad remodel and is presently inviting visitors back for a mixed eating experience.


Known as much for the lunch specials and new heated merchandise for all intents and purposes for breakfast, Ceres has been presenting hand crafted food to the Portsmouth swarm for more than 30 years. There are such a large number of delicious things on the menu to pick a #1, yet make sure to raise a ruckus around town on your way finished – Ceres is cash as it were.


Named after the brilliant brown New England staple, this midway found bistro has something for each one. They’ve tracked down inventive ways of integrating their namesake heated great into each day part, with scrumptious outcomes. Partake in a popover covered with maple spread toward the beginning of the day, close by a new Caesar salad for the lunch, and as a bowl for shellfish chowder at night.

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