Common Errors & Solutions For Ricoma MT-1502 Steps To Maintain

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In this composition, we will talk about Embroidery digitizing services and Ricoma MT- 1502 common crimes & results with easy way to maintain.

Ricoma Mt 1502 Common crimes & results

You’ll learn how to fluently troubleshoot common crimes on the Ricoma machine. Let’s progeny started

Aches Deviating And Troubleshooting In The Ricoma Embroidery Machine

Looping of aches happens because of incorrect threading. Please insure that the bobbin thread is threadedcorrectly.However, check the thread pressure, If the machine is threaded correctly. Plus, be certain to check the needle. A loose or old needle would beget looping and other embroidery issues.

Same Needles For All Kinds Of systems

Ballpoint needles could be used for all kinds of systems. Though, we suggest using sharp point needles on satin, leather, or any other fine material. For big fabric, we suggest using an80/12 needle. On metallic vestments, we suggest using a90/14 needle, which has a bigger eye that would lessen disunion as the thread passes through of Embroidery digitizing service.

Getting An X Or Y Limit Error And Troubleshooting In The Ricoma Embroidery Machine

You’re getting this error because your totem might be veritably huge for the circle, or you’re trying to sew out the preset circle periphery. You can moreover use a large circle or move the totem around so you stay within the boundaries of the circle.

Thread Breaks Causes And Troubleshooting In The Ricoma Embroidery Machine

Common causes of thread breaks are

The needle could be worn out if you have been using it for a veritably long time or on thick fabrics.
Your machine might not be threaded rightly. Check the thread passage to insure all the vestments are deposited rightly.
vestments might be too old or damaged
Dragged exposure to light, heat, and air could make your thread weak. You can help this by storing thread in a dark and cool place.
Hooping might not be tight enough
The pressure might be veritably tight or veritably loose

Getting Pinch On The Fabric And Troubleshooting In The Ricoma Embroidery Machine

This is because of a hooping error. You have to produce the right pressure by icing that the hooping is tight and the material isn’t crinkled. Be specific not to stretch the fabric, as this could damage the design. You might need a establishment stabilizer.

Changing The Size Of The Needle

You must change the size of your needle to control the bending of the needle. The needle size relies on the sew size you wish to produce. generally, big accoutrements need bigger needles, and light accoutrements need lower needles.

frequently Needle relief

A introductory guideline that a lot of expert knitters use to decide when to change needles is the 3 strikes rule. You must change a needle whenever there have been successive 3 thread breaks on the needle. You must as well change a needle if it breaks or is skipping aches.

Needle Breaking Causes

The needle is fraudulent, worn out, or old
The design might have a lot of aches for the area
You might have hit a circle
Hooping wasn’t smooth or tight
The material is veritably thick for the kind of needle

Change The Thread On Your Ricoma Embroidery Machine

launch by trimming the thread from the being spool and adding a new spool in its place. also, make a knot with the loose end of the old thread and the loose end of the new thread. Eventually, snare the thread from the presser bottom, and pull the new thread through the thread passage unless it reaches the needle.

Needles Break On headdresses And Troubleshooting In The Ricoma Embroidery Machine

The needle might be worn out. Structured headdresses have thick cardboard or plastic in the center, which could break the needle. When sewing caps, insure the bill of the cap is as flat as possible. It’s also extremely significant to pay attention to the digitized totem. You must be apprehensive of which ensigns might be employed for different accoutrements . The way the DST was made might not be applicable for headdresses. Also, the hooping might not be correct.

Easy way For Ricoma Mt 1502 conservation

Ricoma mt 1502 conservation is veritably easy. The most pivotal conservation that has to be completed is slicking the rotary hook. Before slicking or drawing, we suggest turning off your machine. To maintain and clean the rotary hook, begin by removing the bobbin case from the rotary hook.

Clean any thread fur in the area using a fur encounter or dusting spray.

Also add

three or four drops of machine oil painting to the rotary hook.

Now you can fit the bobbin case back into the rotary hook and close the bobbin casing unit.

To make sure the machine runs efficiently, repeat this process twice a day if you’re planning to run a machine eight hours a day.

Once or twice a week, remove the needle plate and clean around the trimmer shanks with a soft encounter.

Once a week, pass a business card or paper through the bobbin case slit to clean any fur buildup.

Every week, place a drop-off oil painting directly on the needle bar through the places in the needle case, alternate each week.

One week

slick the upper needle bar section and the coming week the lower needle bar section.

Once a week oil painting the opening on the needle plate. For this section, we suggest turning on the machine and setting it to needle one to see the opening on the right side of the machine head.

Add three drops of oil painting each week to that section.

also, add three drops of oil painting to the essence rail of the machine head.

Now you can move your machine head to needle 15 and place 2 drops of oil painting on the other side of the rail.

Once each three to five months, apply white lithium grease to the black essence bar in the machine head. Also, apply this grease to the bus placed on the reverse of your machine head.

Once each three to five months, apply white lithium grease to the color change cam.

You would first need to remove the essence plate placed above the color change cam by loosening the attached screw. also apply grease to the color change cam area.

Place the cover back over the color change cam and strain the screw before pacing.

Always flash back , not to over oil painting. After slicking, sew on a test belt before returning to product to assure redundant oil painting doesn’t stain garments.

Winding Up

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