Descriptive Essay About My Living Room: Memorable Story

my living room

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How to Write a Descriptive Essay About My Living Room 

My living room is my heaven. The only place in the world that gives me vibes of being at home. From the red color walls to the blue ceilings with a small-sized lily flower-design chandelier. The room illuminates happiness from RGB lights around the roof.

Ever since I was a child, my mom told me to clean my living room as much as possible. Having a strict cleaning policy nurtured my mind well. Thus my living room is as clean as a five-star hotel presidential suite therefore presents a unique opportunity to focus my attention on composing a my favorite place descriptive essay.

The etiquette taught by my mom immensely influenced my love for my living room. She always told me that no matter how dirty a house looks, its living room should be clean. 

The description essay of my living room is so delicate it can take thousands of words to define its elegance. As soon you enter, you will smell the fragrant lavender pouches hanging on the walls. This floral scent makes the entrance majestic; like a medieval monarch, two lion statues are also placed at the door. 

These statues are so massive and depict real lions. In fact, at night, if someone sees them, they might get scared that real animals are sitting there and waiting for their prey.

On the other hand, a large brown leather chaise sofa is placed on the right side of the lounge. This couch is so vast and expensive. And finding an antique one cost three times more than a new one. It’s my mom’s favorite one. Whenever she’s around, it’s her place to decompress and relax.

She always sits on it while I’m making coffee for her while reading books. She’s the one who has motivated me to buy this, and rightfully so. 

Apart from this, I have a contemporary mid-century modern sofa that serves as a couch for my friends. At weekends all my friends gather for the NBA finals on my gargantuan curved OLED 65-inch tv. 

Also, me and all my buddies watch football on it. The entire lounge is such a spectacle that, from family members to my friends, they all wanted to sit here all day long.

The room’s ceiling has crafted wooden panels giving it a royal look as I am a fan of old English nobility and their houses in Scotland and Wales. Therefore renovating and providing an accurate description of my sitting room was mandatory. Moreover, I styled it with pine wood.

The gigantic painting of “Raft of Medusa” original replica is hanging on the eastern wall of my lounge. Whoever sits here spends hours staring into this marvel. I can easily say this painting is the best collection in my entire house.

As a painter by profession, I have many collections of paintings such as “Mona Lisa,” “Cafe Terrace at night,” “Wanderer above the sea of fog,” “The last supper,” and “The Girl with the pearl earring.” These all paintings present an artistic aura of the entire reception room.

Furthermore, I have Bose’s premium home theater system for authentic cinema surround sound. These soundbars convert my sitting room into an entertainment house whenever I watch movies. My friends and family love to spend here on any occasion. 

I have many memories associated with this place. Such as my paternal grandfather used to sit here near the wooden entrance. He smoked his Cuban cigars here all day. I remember my grandmother always saying that the whole house smells like a cigar factory.

These memories are so unique that they propel the idea of writing a descriptive essay about my living room. Also, a few of the painting collections I have were the inheritance I received from my grandfather. These paintings provided me with the much-needed assignment writing help I was craving.

I have immense respect for his paintings. Right before his soul departed, he told me to take great care of his gatherings. And that’s the exact thing that I had done. I even have a few of his cigars left on the wooden racks beside his picture and his old Randolph engineering aviator sunglasses.

He was a war veteran and had many collections brought over from the countries in which he served. He had an elegant “Buddha” bought from Vietnam while fighting for his country. I remember it was placed here where my enormous tv is. But sadly, I broke it when I was playing in the lounge.

To summarize, the descriptive essay about my living room brings back countless memories I have shared with my loved ones. I hold these moments dear to me. The reception room is not just a reminder of my grandparents but will also serve as a new memories maker for my children.


Coming up with such a great piece of perfect essay writing is only made possible by having many creative thoughts and a passion and love for family and friends.

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