Difference Between Android App Development with Java Vs. Kotlin

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The demand for hiring remote software teams and developers has increased in recent years due to the flexibility and cost savings it offers to businesses. In addition, as companies adapt to the changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work has become the new norm. In addition, with the rise of mobile app development, companies have started to hire android app developer and software teams to develop their mobile apps. This blog will discuss the difference between Android app development with Java and Kotlin and how hiring remote developers can benefit your business.

Main Differences Between Java and Kotlin

Java and Kotlin are popular programming languages used to develop various applications, including Android mobile applications. While Java is a widely used and well-established language, Kotlin is a newer language that has recently gained popularity. Here are some of the main differences between Java and Kotlin:


Java uses a verbose syntax that can make code more difficult to read and write, while Kotlin has a more concise and expressive syntax. Kotlin’s syntax is often considered more modern and streamlined, making it easier to learn and use. However, some developers may prefer the more verbose syntax of Java because it can make the code more explicit and easier to understand.

  • Advantage of Kotlin: The concise syntax of Kotlin can save development time and improve code readability, making it easier for developers to understand and maintain code.
  • Advantage of Java: The verbose syntax of Java can make code more explicit and easier to understand, which can be an advantage for large-scale projects or when working with a team.

Null Safety

One of the most significant differences between Java and Kotlin is how they handle null safety. Java allows null values by default, which can cause null pointer exceptions, while Kotlin has built-in null safety features to prevent these errors. This makes Kotlin code more robust and less prone to crashes.

  • Advantage of Kotlin: The null safety features in Kotlin make writing robust and reliable code easier, reducing the likelihood of bugs and crashes.
  • Advantage of Java: While Java does not have built-in null safety features, experienced developers can write safe code using best practices such as avoiding null values and defensive coding techniques.


Kotlin is designed to be fully interoperable with Java, so developers can easily integrate Kotlin code into existing Java projects. This makes it easy for developers to adopt Kotlin without having to rewrite their entire codebase.

  • Advantage of Kotlin: Kotlin’s interoperability with Java makes it easy to add Kotlin code to an existing Java codebase, making it an ideal choice for developers who want to transition to Kotlin gradually.
  • Advantage of Java: Java has been around for over two decades and has a vast ecosystem of libraries and tools, making it an ideal choice for enterprise-level projects or those that require compatibility with legacy systems.


Kotlin has a focus on immutability, which means that it encourages developers to write code that avoids mutating objects. This can help to prevent bugs and improve performance. Java also supports immutability but is not as integral to the language as it is in Kotlin.

  • Advantage of Kotlin: The focus on immutability in Kotlin can help developers write more reliable and efficient code, reducing the likelihood of bugs and improving performance.
  • Advantage of Java: While Java does not have the same focus on immutability as Kotlin, it does support it and has a wide range of libraries and tools available for developers who want to write immutable code.   


In conclusion, the difference between Android app development with Java and Kotlin lies in their syntax, null safety, interoperability, and performance. However, hiring remote developers can provide many benefits to businesses, and Aspired is a company that can help businesses find the right developers for their Android app development projects.   Aspired has a pool of skilled and experienced developers specializing in various programming languages, including Java and Kotlin. In addition, with Aspired, businesses can hire remote developers who can work on their Android app development projects and scale their development teams up or down as needed.  

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