People come here from all over the country to admire its serene beauty. In addition to the surrounding historical sites, the area is also known for its camping accommodation. Since Pawna Lake is a wonderful place to spend the night under a starry sky, adventurers love the place. Pawna Lake camping is one of the best places to escape the busy city life. Exploring the area, canoeing on the lake, and watching the sunset are just some of the activities that visitors to the area can enjoy there.

About Pawna Lake Campground

There is nothing short of a camper’s paradise at Pawna Lake Campground. The area is particularly praised for its camping facilities. looking to know more about Web Developer Michigan

Depending on the package you choose, you can use a range of facilities at Pawna Lake Camping. The area is surrounded by breezy hills that add to its beauty. Visit the place for a magical experience when you need a break from life.

Pawna Lake is considered an artistic creation of nature. Pawna Lake Camping is a fantastic experience that I have never had before.

This is an experience you won’t soon forget, from enjoying the area’s natural beauty to lying on the soft grass under the stars. It’s better to visit this place with friends.

Although Lake Pawna is a less traveled region, its importance has increased with the construction of the Pawna Dam. The location on the old Mumbai-Pune highway is convenient.

The area around Pawna Lake Camping is unique for camping due to the peaceful atmosphere and stunning sunset views. It’s just wonderful to sit by the lake with friends.

There are numerous recreational opportunities at the lake. Besides sightseeing, you can do

boating, canoeing, and other things there.

Best time to visit Pawna Lake

The picturesque lake called Pawna Lake is located in Maharashtra. The best times to visit the lake are from January to May and October to December, although you can go there all year round. You will be there in all its glory and the weather will not prevent you from appreciating the beauty of the area.

Only during these months would it be ideal to camp at Pawna Lake. Any traveler planning to camp somewhere needs or wants the climate to be dry and less rainy. You’ll find it ideal to wake up to the beautiful sunrise and plan your day if you visit the lake early in the year.

In addition, if you travel in December, you will enjoy a cool breeze that will make your time in the camps more comfortable. If you want to experience a trip you will never forget, you must take part in adventurous activities during these months.

Day 1: Pune to Kamshet

Both the highway and the rail system connect to Kamshet. After reaching Kamshet, it is easy to reach Lake Pawna. Just book a shared jeep and you’re on your way to the lake.

Via Pawna Lake Camping Route

From Mumbai or Pune, there are two ideal routes to reach Pawna Lake. You may already know that the quickest way to get to Pawna Lake from Pune is via Mumbai; We encourage you to go this route.

Day 2: Kamshet to Pune

After the first day, get up early to enjoy the glorious sunrise. Take a long walk to get in touch with nature and then enjoy a hearty breakfast. You can swim and have fun in the water if you like. Other water activities you can enjoy are boating, canoeing, and kayaking.

Do’s and Don’ts Before Going on A Pawna Lake Camping Trip

·         Avoid taking the long route, or the Kamshet route, if you are coming from Mumbai. The fastest route from Mumbai is Dudhiware Khind.

·         Bring a set of bathing suits.

·         Avoid participating in water sports if you are afraid of water. The best operator in the sea area should be used to ensure the best experience.

·         Keep your camping essentials such as a flashlight, first aid kit, camera, etc. to hand at all times.

·         Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing when traveling to your destination.

·         As the trip is only an overnight camping trip, please do not bring too much luggage.

·         To save money, book a shared jeep on the route from Kamshet to Mumbai.


Aside from being a camper’s paradise, Pawna Lake Camping is a

an inexpensive way to create an enchanting itinerary for a vacation in Maharashtra.

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