Understanding and Treating Dehydrated Skin


Just like your body requires ample water intake, your skin also needs it. Dehydrated skin gets insufficient water, which results in drying up. In this blog, you will learn how to handle and treat such a skim condition.

What does dehydrated skin look like?

Skin is a primary concern for many people nowadays. People are interested in improving their skin appearance and texture. Therefore, the trend of using new skincare products has increased over time. Skin type often promotes dehydration of the skin. For instance, people with dry skin type face this issue very commonly. However, dehydration can happen on any skin type.

Many of you would like to read how a dehydration on skin looks like. Well, the skin includes temporary dryness. Then, itchiness is a common sign of skin concerns. Moreover, anyone who looks up at your skin would identify quickly that your skin is dehydrated.

Sometimes wrinkles and dark circles become more prominent on the skin. Eventually, your skin starts appearing dull. The area under your eyes becomes dark and sunken. All those signs make you worry about your skin’s appearance. You would immediately want to shift to a proper skincare routine. You can treat your skin with the Belle Cote Parisproducts.

How to differentiate dry skin and dehydrated skin?

Well, dry skin vs dehydrated skin is a very long argument. Although both kinds of skin show similar signs, there are a few significant differences between them.

Dry skin results due to insufficient production of sebum in the skin. Hence it makes your skin extremely dry and tight. Whereas dehydration results in a deficiency of water in the body. Due to any reason, water might reduce and make your skin super dry and flaky. Usually, the skin reduces its moisture in the uppermost skin layer. Similarly, your skin loses its elasticity and becomes saggy.

Dry skin on face reflects a direct impact of less humid weather or another environmental effect on the skin. On the other hand, dehydration results in excessive sweating or other health issues. Also, dehydration results from hormonal changes; sometimes, lifestyle impacts this.

Further, people with dry skin often complain that it is included in their genetics. At the same time, dehydration on the skin occurs mainly due to external factors. In most cases, you can use hyaluronic acid or any other essential oil to treat dehydration.

How to treat skin dehydration?

Choosing the right skincare products can help you achieve the best skin results. Dehydration is a common effect on your skin. People suffering from this condition get irritated because their skin becomes itchy and saggy.

You can treat it with a Belle Cote Paris skincare regimen. Suppose you are wondering how you will get complete guidance about the products in this blog. Before starting any skin care, understand which kind of skin condition you suffer from.

After diagnosing the problem, you should use a magical ingredient, hyaluronic acid. It is a soothing and nourishing acid with impressive effects on your skin. Try using the wrinkle-erasing serum. It is only used for erasing your wrinkles but also helps gain the moisture your skin lost. Also, it restores your skin elasticity.


Moisturizing is an essential step that keeps your skin hydrated. The best moisturizer for dehydrated skin is the ultra lifting day cream. Then, this cream keeps your skin completely hydrated all day long. The skin ageing signs that become permanent with dehydration will eventually disappear through its application.

It promotes collagen in the skin, which helps to retain the skin’s elasticity. The ultra nourishing night cream is the other moisturizer you can use at night. Along with making your skin moisturized, it promotes the formation of collagen. Then, it will keep your skin firm and tight. So, the ageing signs on the skin fade away. Use these two moisturizing creams to give your skin the best nourishing results.


Use the marine collagen anti-ageing cleanser of the Belle Cote Paris brand. It comes with a soft and milky texture that feels creamy when applied. You can use it to remove the impurities present on the skin. Similarly, it will bring hydrating effect on your skin. It includes marine peptides that regenerate your skin.


The marine collagen anti-ageing toner is a magical healer that restores the hydration that your skin loses. Hence, it makes your skin soft and reduces its redness.

The takeaway

Treating dehydrated skin is crucial if you are worried about skin texture or appearance. You can treat it in multiple ways. The best or most effective way is to opt for a good skin care regimen brand.

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