9 Must-Questions to the Public Sector Construction Contractors. 

public sector construction

There are numerous things one needs to consider before hiring a public sector construction company. You can ask the following questions to confirm whether the contractor is suitable for you or not. 

Question 1: Are you financially committed?

At any point, financial commitment coming from the contractor is a priority. Examine your contractor’s bid for authenticity, and make sure you can communicate with them and call them if difficulties develop. In reality, choosing the lowest-priced or sweetest-talking bidder rarely pays off in the long run.

Question 2: Does your agency have any other names in the past?

This is an important question to ask in order to spot any red flags. You should be suspicious of a construction company that has had many corporate names in the past. Was it forced to make the modification as a result of a negative reputation, an upset client, or any other reason?

Question 3: Do you have a physical address?

You should search for a permanent address to ensure that the organisation has the resources to take on a construction project and is capable of dealing with any problems that arise. Contractors who do not have a fixed business address should be deleted from your list.

Question 4: Will you offer a safety plan?

A safety plan lays forth instructions for ensuring that on-site workers follow health, environmental, and job-safety precautions. A reliable contractor is able to provide a particular, thorough plan, containing fire safety solutions, insurance coverage and an insurance agent’s contact information.

Question 5: Is your agency licensed and registered?

Many contractors must take educational programmes or meet training requirements on a routine basis to maintain their licence. What are the latest courses or seminars that staff at the organisation have attended to stay updated in their fields? Ask what certificates have they received?

Question 6: How long have you been in business?

You’re looking for tenure and experience. References can also be beneficial. Ask for references who can relate to your scenario, as well as references who can attest to jobs that were accomplished many years ago. Inquire with the latter group about any concerns that emerged years after the builder completed the project.

Question 7: How do you fix complaints?

If a contractor has had a conflict or received a complaint, it is not necessarily a bad indicator. This may be difficult to prevent, especially for organisations with a large portfolio and a lengthy history in operation. What’s essential is how the contractor deals with the issues. Inquire about a specific problem the contractor had and how it dealt with it.

Question 8: What’s your workmanship warranty?

A contractor must install a product in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions; otherwise, the guarantee will be void. In many cases, the construction company must be certified in order to install the device. To protect yourself and your property in the long run, make sure all rules are followed.

Question 9: Can you clarify the specific payment terms?

Price is, of course, one of the most important considerations. Ensure your contract with the construction company specifies everything, including any expenses for bringing the contractor back to finish the unfinished work, the exact payment method, and the payment timeline.

When you ask such a question, you will get an insight into how much this contractor or agency can be suitable for you. 

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