Add a Neon Gaming Sign to Your Gaming Room

gaming neon signs

Adding a neon gaming sign to your gaming room can add personality and flair to the decor. These signs come in various colors and styles, so you can find one that fits your style.

Online neon stores sell LED game neon signs at affordable prices. You can also purchase them with a warranty.

Online neon stores

LED gaming neon signs are a great way to light up your gaming room. They are also energy-efficient and don’t increase your electricity bill.

There are many online neon stores that offer this lighting at competitive prices. You can also design your own custom neon sign.

In addition to the LED lights, they use PVC tubing, acrylic backing, and clever technology to make them shine. They also come with a remote control or dimmer that allows you to adjust the brightness of your neon lighting without lifting a finger.

Easy to install

Neon gaming signs are a great way to add fun and excitement to your gaming room. They can also make your space look professional and inviting.

Getting your gaming environment right is essential if you want to enjoy your games more. The correct color and temperature of lighting can help you focus better and play more.

Luckily, neon gaming signs are easy to install! First, you’ll need to mark the location of your sign on the wall using a marker. Then, you’ll need to drill pilot holes in the marked areas using a twist drill bit.

Eye-catching designs

Neon gaming signs are an excellent way to add a bit of personality to your gaming setup. They come in a variety of colors and designs, so you can find one that suits your aesthetic.

Custom neon logos and gamertags are also a great option for gaming enthusiasts. They feature a custom graphic design or symbol and the user’s gaming username, and they can be customized to fit any style or theme.

The bright and vibrant colors of a neon sign can add a pop of color to a room, and they can serve as a conversation starter or a way to express one’s interests and personality. They can also be used to display the user’s favorite games or consoles. They can also be hung on walls or placed on shelves or other surfaces.

Long lifespan

Gaming neon signs are a great way to advertise your business. They come in eye-catching colors and designs and are easy to install.

The best thing about these signs is that they last a long time. LED signs are more durable than their traditional counterparts and can last up to ten years.

They are also energy efficient, which is great for the environment. They use less electricity and don’t have any hazardous chemicals to dispose of.

In order to keep your sign looking its best, it should be cleaned regularly. It should also be checked for cracks in the glass tubes. Broken tubes can make the sign look dim.


A neon gaming sign is an affordable option for those who want to illuminate their game room with a bright glow. They are easy to install and come in different colors, such as red, purple, yellow, and orange.

These signs are also eco-friendly and energy efficient, which means you can enjoy them without worrying about your electric bills. They are safe to touch and easy to transport, so you can hang them anywhere you want.

We make gaming neon signs for all types of game rooms, from those with a modern aesthetic to those that feature an iconic artwork or quote. Custom Neon(r) has helped many gamers light up their game rooms and create an immersive atmosphere for their play.

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