Best Bakeries and Boulangeries in Paris

Best Bakeries and Boulangeries in Paris

Boulangerie Poilâne

Perhaps of Paris’ most seasoned consistently working pastry kitchen, Poilâne, has been around beginning around 1932. There are four Poilâne shops in Paris to browse, including one that is relatively close from the Eiffel Tower. The bread kitchen is still family-claimed and worked, and the pastry shop has become renowned for its monstrous 4.5-pound sourdough wheat portion, which is embellished with a dipping P. The bread’s wheat flour mix utilizes a wide range of stone-ground French grains, however different portions at the pastry shop certainly stand out for how they manage raisins, nuts, and rye flour.

Maison Landemaine

Another Parisian work of art, Maison Landemaine, has very nearly 20 areas in and around the city. However, that doesn’t mean they penance quality for amount. Every area prepares its bread in-house each and every day — it’s all’s really the law in France that, to qualify as a pastry kitchen, you should heat in-house — and their roll is the ideal mix of a crunchy outside and a breezy, tear separated inside. The bread is all made with eco-accommodating natural flour that is reasonably cultivated, and the in-house raising cycle implies that you will not be getting cutout rolls here. The pastry shop really makes a few loaf assortments and an entire slew of other carb-accommodating choices, similar to cocoa bread, fougasse, Nordic bread, and every kind of heavenly baked goods and treats. Attempt one of everything, since you just live once.

Maison Julien Les Saveurs de Pierre Demours

Consistently in Paris, the city holds a rivalry to see which bread kitchen has the absolute best loaf, with the victor seizing the option to supply France’s official royal residence. The 2020 victor of Le Grand Prix de la Baguette de Traditional Française de la Ville de Paris was Maison Julien Les Saveurs de Pierre Demours, a family-run pastry shop in the seventeenth arrondissement, only a couple of blocks from the Arc de Triomphe and the Avenue des Champs-Elysées. The shop’s head dough puncher, Taheb Sahal, is just in his mid-20s, so it ought to be fascinating to see what he does in years to come.

Le Grenier à Pain

The main pastry kitchen to have gotten the “best loaf” gesture two times, Le Grenier à Pain has shops all over Paris, including one close to Montmartre. The proprietors depict themselves as “extraordinary craftsmans of bread,” and they obviously have an energy for the item. Their pastry shop is essentially a basilica to the craft of breadmaking, with ten or so various assortments made day to day, in addition to the wide range of various flavorful delectables they bring to the table. You need to attempt a loaf, obviously, yet Le Grenier additionally fiddles with sourdough, fougasses, and bread loaded with things like hazelnuts and figs.


A charmingly current twist on the customary French boulangerie, Mamiche is paradise for cake and bread darlings the same. The pastry shop’s lead in the ninth arrondissement can define boundaries, so Mamiche opened a second spot in the tenth a couple of years back. Mamiche has confidence in the force of human ability and expertise, commenting on its site that, since they don’t efficiently manufacture what they have available, “Your bread might be more dimpled today, or your treat might be chocolatier than expected!” All the breads are perfect here, however look at their babkas, desserts, and cake on the grounds that the in-house variety can be genuinely amazing.

Le Moulin de la Vierge

Le Moulin de la Vierge could seem to be an exemplary French bread shop, yet it has an intriguing history. Music columnist Basile Kamir previously opened the space during the ’70s as a spot to store his record assortment, however subsequent to figuring out that the structure was scheduled for destruction, he returned the Le Moulin to its unique reason as a bread shop with an end goal to keep the structure above water. It worked, and 40 years and two or three extra stations later, he’s actually delivering items as staggering as the hand-painted fresco on the pastry kitchen’s roof. Known for its wood-terminated cooking strategy, Le Moulin de la Vierge has some expertise in torment de campagne, sourdough loaves, and their chocolate croissants, which have gotten rave audits from a wide range of explorers. In the event that you’re into a pleasant mille-feuille, you’ll likewise cherish this spot.

Du Pain et Des Idées

About 10 years prior, Du Pain et Des Idées dough puncher Christophe Vasseur began selling torment des amis (“bread of companions”) out of his shop. A convoluted and tedious bread to make, with a profound, smoky smell and nutty flavor, torment des amis helped Parisians to remember the bread that was famous before WWII and of the profoundly mutual and pleasant experience a gathering of companions can have while partaking in a dinner with a huge plate of new bread. From that point forward, Du Pain et Des Idées has kept selling the bread, and guests have come to experience passionate feelings for a significant number of their different things, including their broad line of escargots, which are filled baked good treats moved up to seem to be their namesake snails. Loaded up with mixes of pistachios and chocolate or praline, honey, and lemons, they’re tantalizingly sweet and exquisite and can truly raise a ruckus around town.

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