Can I do PRINCE2 online?

It’s common for us to work on a project with a project team that has already been assigned to work on a project. This means that we must use the project management tool called PMP to manage the project. In my opinion, PRINCE is better than PMP. PMP doesn’t really give the team guidance on how to make improvements to the project. PRINCE gives a team of professionals an opportunity to make changes to their projects. This is one of the reasons why I prefer PRINCE over PMP. You can use PRINCE as your management tool because it has more information than PMP.

There are many other reasons why I like PRINCE better than PMP. For example, PMP encourages only one type of project team. Whereas PRINCE allows different Prince2 course online types of project teams to participate in the project. Another reason is that PMP requires too many manuals to be updated as the project moves forward. PRINCE only requires an overview document to be maintained. I prefer the method of using PRINCE instead of PMP because it is more flexible.

PMP also restricts the use of the PRINCE tool. Whereas, PRINCE can be used with any tool. PRINCE can be applied to any type of project.

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