Can you connect ring doorbell to CCTV?

Ring video doorbells are becoming increasingly popular. They have been designed to provide an effective means of letting visitors know that you’re home, whether that’s for a few minutes or for hours. Ring devices use motion sensors to alert the user and automatically send alerts to their smartphone or email. They can even record activity and communicate information back to the user over the internet.

You can use Ring devices to connect to your CCTV. You can make your device act like a smart-phone and connect to your CCTV. When someone rings your Ring doorbell CCTV Camera, the Ring device will send an alert to your smartphone, which then sends a notification to your CCTV system.

When you link Ring doorbells with your CCTV, you get a picture of the visitor and also hear what the person says. For instance, you can get a visitor’s full name from the sound of his or her voice. This can help you to protect your home more. You can get a detailed photo of the visitor as well. If he or she has a smartphone, the phone may send photos of the visitor to you. However, the visitor may be trying to fool your security system.

If you are interested in using the device linking feature, the cost can vary. Check with your cable or satellite provider to determine the price.

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