Hero Passion Pro Bike: Is It Really Worth the Price?

passion pro bike

Hero Honda Passion Pro is the revolutionary successor to Hero Passion, an all-time popular model. Despite the overall success of Hero Honda Passion, there is no denying its overall success. The Passion Pro is a high-end model powered by an air-cooled, single-cylinder engine with a capacity of 97.2 cc. In addition, it is coupled with an engine that produces a peak power of 6.15 KW and a peak torque of 8.36 HP. This revolutionary Hero passion pro bike has a built-in i3S start-stop system, an Integrated Braking System for better stability, and an Integrated Braking System for better start-stop functionality.  


It’s no secret that Hero Passion Pro has one of the sportiest looks in commuter passion pro bikes. With its trendy colours and stylish graphics, the motorcycle’s overall styling is funkier than its competitors. Furthermore, the updated headlamp features a sportier design than before. In addition, the lines are more pronounced, and the tank extensions are longer, making it a more appealing presence, especially in this segment.

New tail lights:

In addition, the taillight also gets an updated design, sporting an upside-down U-shaped layout that looks great. On the Hero Xpulse, the indicators are similar to those on the new Hero. In summary, the Passion Pro appears to have been made with one goal – to look better than the competition. Definitely, one of the smartest commuter bikes available; the Passion Pro looks good and is fresh.


Motorcycles like the Passion Pro are commuters and feel like commuters. The pegs are a little forward, and the handlebars are tall, which makes riding more comfortable. In addition, the seat feels roomy even with a pillion on board due to its long length and good padding all around. 

With 799 mm of seat height, it is fairly accessible to all riders. In the long run, however, the cushioning can get uncomfortable if you ride for a long period of time. In addition, Hero has updated the mirrors, which look sporty but haven’t been compromised on purpose.


Hero Passion Pro’s motor is shared with the Splendor 110, as we mentioned in the opening paragraph. While adhering to strict norms, Hero has increased the motor’s size and enhanced the bike’s performance. At 7500 RPM, the 113cc motor produces 9.02 BHP, and at 5000 RPM, it produces 9.79 Nm. 

In addition, Hero has added sensors that monitor various aspects of the engine to improve performance further. Additionally, the passion pro bike has Hero’s i3S technology and the new AutoSail feature, which allows you to ride smoothly even at low speeds.


In spite of the engine’s smooth character, it feels pretty punchy. Sensors and the unmistakable FI system are all to thank for this. Regarding sensors, both the i3S and AutoSail technology work pretty flawlessly, enhancing the riding experience. It is also noteworthy that the engine feels relatively under-stressed even at speeds over 60 km/hr. Considering the bike’s 10-liter fuel tank, the passion pro bike returned 54 km/l, which rounded up its range to approximately 500 km. 


A larger suspension travel and a higher ground clearance have made the bike more practical, and they both worked. In addition, the bike receives a new diamond frame, which significantly improves its stability. The Passion Pro feels planted even at high speeds because of its longer wheelbase. It easily cuts through traffic, even though the weight has increased by 2 kilograms.


In the segment, the Passion Pro isn’t the cheapest offering, and it is undercut by about Rs. 3000/- by a few bikes. In exchange for the extra premium, you get a much more appealing design, best-in-segment performance, and excellent fuel efficiency. Suppose you’re on a tight budget and looks and features aren’t important to you. If so, you may consider other Hero offerings with affordable bike prices and a similar level of usability.

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