Keeping the right track for Addiction recovery

Keeping the right track for Addiction recovery

School is out for summer. For a lot of children, this means spending time with their grandparents when their parents work. Bayhealth Family Medicine Physician Resident Kendall Barton, MD, talks about how grandparents and grandkids will enjoy spending quality time with each other this summer.
While the benefits are numerous While the benefits are immense, it is important to remember that Dr. Barton warns that families must establish boundaries and set expectations. It is important for alcohol rehab near me to consider issues like the cost of payment, of groceries, granting the power to make decisions on discipline, time limits and much more. Talking respectfully every time an issue comes up is essential to maintaining an enjoyable relationship across all generations.

Five ways that grandparents and grandchildren gain by spending time with each other

Grandchildren are active physically as well as emotionally

This activity can extend the life of a grandmother and lower the chance of getting Alzheimer’s disease. From playing outdoors to cooking snacks and snacks, the activities of kids keep grandparents entertained.
Grandchildren can give a sense of

“Having the responsibility of being a caretaker for a grandchild can give a sense of purpose, especially for those who may be retired and have a void in their life,” said Dr. Barton. Many of his patients have a lack of motivation from day morning following retirement. “Being motivated to get up and tackle a day with grandkids and wanting to be present for all the big milestones is a huge benefit.”

Grandparents can impart the lessons of life. 

“Maintaining a strong family bond is important,” said Dr. Barton. Making strong connections between generations helps children be taught. If kids spend quality time with grandparents they start to look at new perspectives and become drug rehab West Virginia more well-rounded people. “While these life lessons and values may not be clear to a young child, they’ll cherish them as they grow older.”

Grandchildren can be a source of teaching grandparents new skills and the reverse is also true

 “It gives children a sense of pride to share what they know with others,” said Dr. Barton. Grandchildren can be a source of teaching technology or even share news. Grandparents can educate their grandkids about the activities they love such as gardening, playing an instrument or baking, fishing, drawing or even volunteering.

There are more smiling faces being shared

 Most grandparents truly love having time spent with children. They experience a lot happiness and satisfaction from the connection. The grandchildren also gain positive psychological and mental advantages due to being under the care of one who cares for them so deeply.

The benefits are many but it’s crucial to recognize what a grandparent might need to take interruption from taking care of children. When they’re not feeling well or need to do some errands, or just need an uninterrupted day Parents should be aware. The relationship should be beneficial to all three generations.

Dr. Barton is a family medicine doctor in Bayhealth Family Medicine, Dover. Dr. Barton is accepting new

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