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QuickBooks has been an ideal choice for accountants worldwide for a software that can perform all the essential accounting tasks and functions. But the software has also faced technical and non-technical issues. This article will be discussing one such technical and software related-error that QuickBooks often faces – QB Error 6123.

In QuickBooks, series 6000 errors is a group of various errors that occur when you cannot open or access the company file, which is usually located on a network (not locally). 6123 error is part of the same group.

Continue reading below to find out what the error means, and what are your options for removing it from your computer. We will find out the various components on your system that could, if malfunctioned, cause QuickBooks to return error 6123.

What Gives Rise to QB Company File Error 6123?

Most errors in 6000 series, including Quickbooks company file error 6123, is when you are unable to open the company file that’s not stored locally but on a server that you access on a network (local or remote). But why is it that you cannot open the file?

These are some of the reasons:

  • Network issues: If the network connection between your computer and the server is weak or unstable, you may encounter QB error code 6123. This could be due to problems with the router, firewall, or network configuration.
  • Damaged company file: The company file you’re trying to open may be damaged or corrupted, which can prevent QuickBooks from opening it.
  • Security software: Certain security software or antivirus programs may be blocking QuickBooks from accessing the company file, resulting in QuickBooks Company File Error 6123.
  • Incorrect file location: If the company file was moved or renamed, or if the file path was changed, QuickBooks may not be able to locate it, resulting in error 6123 in QuickBooks .
  • Third-party applications: Other software running or installed on your computer, including servers, could be conflicting with QuickBooks and causing the error to pop up. This could also include backup tools, cloud sync services, or other applications that interact with QuickBooks or are hogging the same resources.
  • Outdated version of QuickBooks: Using an older version of QuickBooks that is not compatible with the company file format could cause error 6123. If the file was created by a version of QuickBooks not compatible with the version trying to access the file, you can see errors like QuickBooks error message 6123.
  • Corrupt Windows user account: A corrupt Windows user account can cause errors when trying to access QuickBooks or the company file.

How Could One Solve QuickBooks Error Code 6123?

Now that you know the reasons you can’t open the company file and getting this error, the next question in your mind would be – what to do? What to do to fix QuickBooks error code 6123?

Well, the good news is, this is where we discuss exactly that. Below are the possible ways to get rid of the error and get back to your work as usual.

Method 1: Run “QuickFix My Program”

QuickBooks offers a quick and convenient way to troubleshoot many common errors. One of them is a tool that’s simply called “QuickFix my program” and it can be used to fix error 6123.

  • Download QuickBooks Tool Hub from the website
  • Double-click setup file and open the installer.
  • Once installed the tool, run it.
  • Next go to “Program Problems”
  • Click QuickFix my program button. It will take a minute for the tool to scan for errors and fix them.
  • If this doesn’t work, you can try a more advanced diagnostic tool. Just below QuickFix, there’s another similar resource called “QuickBooks Program Diagnostic Tool”
  • This will take somewhat around 10 minutes or so. It takes more time but can look for more advanced issues with the software and resolve them.
  • Try both. First try to see if Quick Fix resolves the error. Then try “QuickBooks Program Diagnostic Tool.”

Method 2: Run “File Doctor” and Remove Data Corruption Instances

Many errors, including QB error code 6123, are often due to the issues that can come up if your data file is corrupted. Such data corruption can be brought on by events like virus or malware attack, hard drive failures, and so on. But the good news is that if the file isn’t too damaged, you can recover it using a quick recovery tool from QuickBooks called ‘File Doctor.’

  • If you followed the method 1, you will already have QuickBooks Tool Hub installed. If you skipped method 1 above, you need to go to QuickBooks website and download and install Tool Hub first
  • Next, open the Tool Hub and then go to Company File issues
  • Click on the button to start File Doctor tool
  • Navigate to the company file and then select it
  • Start the process to repair it
  • You need admin rights to proceed. Enter the credentials of the administrator.
  • Be patient, as it may take some time, especially if the company file was big.

Now, start QuickBooks and try to open the file. We hope the error is gone. If not, move to our 3rd recommended method.

Recover Data from Portable Company File (not Backup File)

Many instances of QB error 6123 is when users are trying to restore a backup file. If you too are facing it during the similar task, you can instead try to create a portable company file and then use it to restore data.

It’s simple. Here’s how:

  • From File menu, click on Create Copy button
  • And then click “portable company file”
  • Enter a name for the portable company file and then save it
  • Now, to restore it, go to QuickBooks on the computer where you need to restore it
  • From File menu, click “open or restore”
  • Choose to restore data from portable file and then select your portable file (created during step 3)
  • You need to choose where QuickBooks will restore the data from your portable file.
  • Note that this step will create a new company file with data restored from portable file.
  • Doing this, instead of restoring directly from a backup file, is often used as way to avoid annoying QuickBooks error code 6123.

Make Sure qbw32.exe is allowed to connect

Qbw32.exe is the executable used for starting QuickBooks. If in your security system (like Defender firewall), the program is not being allowed to connect or outbound connections are prevented to connect to the program, you will likely see network errors and also 6123.

The steps to make sure qbw32.exe is allowed to connect to networks differ depending on your firewall program. Since most users are using Windows Defender firewall security system, here are the exact steps for that:

  • Press Windows key + R. This will bring up Run box.
  • Type firewall.cpl to directly open your Defender Firewall settings window
  • Select the option to provide permission to your apps with Windows Defender Firewall in the left pane.
  • To allow modifications to the firewall settings, use the option to make additions to settings” option in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Check the “private” and “public” boxes after locating ” QuickBooks” in the list of programs.
  • If QuickBooks isn’t already selected, select it by clicking “the Allow another app…” option and manually add qbw32.exe
  • To get to the directory, hit the “the Browse” button. Locate “the C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks [year]” folder (the “year” will depend on the version of QuickBooks you have installed). And find the file named “qbw32.exe” and click on it.
  • To include QuickBooks/qbw32.exe in your whitelist (or exception), click the “the Add” button.
  • Mark the boxes next to “Private Networks” and “Public Networks” and then click “OK” to commit the modifications. (NOTE: Mark for both networks only if you use QuickBooks both at work and home. Usually, it is considered to be risky to allow any program under private networks.)
  • You can close the window now. And then, restart your computer.

Hopefully, this will get QuickBooks running normally again and QB error code 6123.

Conclusion: Bringing it all together!

Most errors in 6000 indicate problems with either the system or network that prevents you from opening the company file. QB error code 6123 is also similar. We hope the suggestions we discussed above have provided the guidance you need to get it sorted.

We discussed using QuickFix my program from QuickBooks Tool Hub and using File Doctor to repair the file. Both these methods require you to install Tool hub, which is an official diagnostic tool from Inuit. Then we recommended you use company’s portable file rather than the backup file to restore data. And finally, you learned how you can manually add qbw32.exe file to allow QuickBooks in your network security system like Windows Defender Firewall.

We hope these methods worked and have allowed you to get back to business of accounting.

However, if you are still struggling, the chances are that the error is caused by some other reasons that are tricky to diagnose and might occur in rare cases. If you suspect that’s the case, you can give us a call on +1-855 738 1479 and we will guide you in the right direction. The team at Accounting Assist 24 has a keen eye to look for issues that might cause QuickBooks to malfunction and to return errors like 6123. You can get in touch today and get quick and immediate assistance.

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