Top 10 Jobs with AWS Certification

Getting an internationally recognized credential is the best course of action if you want to stand out to recruiters among a sea of rivals. Also, an IT specialist needs to be knowledgeable about the world’s rapidly changing technologies. Also, cloud computing professionals may obtain AWS credentials to advance their careers more quickly. The ability to construct, develop, and administer the access system on the AWS domain is also demonstrated by this certification.

Also, there are many career opportunities available to those with an AWS certification. The following are some of the top AWS certifications:

1. Cloud Architect

The specialists are in charge of speaking with and negotiating with vendors for contracts      including software, hardware, and many other cloud technologies. As this industry is always evolving, it is necessary to choose someone who is familiar with the most recent developments in both technology and trends.

The median salary of a cloud architect is around $100 240 per year.

2. Cloud Software Engineer

Programming language knowledge is demanded of cloud software developers in a number of areas. Together with building applications for the AWS domain, they must have a strong understanding of how to use them effectively.

Moreover, they are in charge of overseeing the development of any cloud-based software and ensuring its effective operation.

The cloud software engineers have an earning capacity of around $120,613 each year.

3. SysOps Administrator

SysOps is the combination of the phrases “system” and “operation,” or two distinct words. It alludes to the use of cloud computing software. These professionals are in charge of overseeing a company’s whole cloud system lifecycle.

The median salary of a SysOp administrator is around $130,612 each year.

4. Cloud Developer 

Building, designing, and developing solutions, services, and products are the duties of a cloud developer inside an organisation. A cloud developer may construct and develop applications such as web apps, data and application integration, and so on.

The median income of cloud developers is around $127,037 in a year.

5. Networking Expert

To stay running and maintain its functionality, cloud computing needs strong networking, which calls for a networking specialist. As a networking specialist, you must complete tasks including network analysis, performance evaluation, security upkeep, project-related issues, and routine testing for problem-solving in order to prevent time loss. A networking specialist is also responsible for installing various networking gear including firewalls, routers, hubs, and switches.

A certified AWS specialist in networking earns around $52,100 each year.

6. Cloud Security Specialist

One of the main problems in every industry is security. There is a significant need for a cloud security expert. As the cloud is a new technology, experts in its security are required to manage the cloud platform’s infrastructure. To apply the standards, they are required to set up network security and manage data security by sprinzeal.

A cloud security specialist earns around $73,499 each year.

7. AWS System Integrator

  The AWS system is used by several businesses worldwide. These systems offer a   variety of services, including data storage, infrastructure management, communications, networking, etc. As a result, the necessity for such professionals to solve these issues relating to any of the systems, including their implementation and maintenance, develops.

A certified AWS System integrator earns around $69,999 per year.

8. Machine Learning Expert

One may easily obtain the AWS certification for Machine learning if they have understanding of both development and data science job positions. With the additional skill sets you gain from this certification, you can boost your skills and request a raise in your present pay. Implementing, maintaining, and designing machine learning tasks and apps for the business is the key responsibility of these professionals.

Based on the job role, a certified AWS expert in ML can earn between $37,999 to $139,599 in a year.

9.  Big Data Expert

One of the most important needs in the world is data. Each day, there is an increasing            amount of data being processed. As a result, big data entered the globe. Big data is often handled by a data handling professional. As a result, getting an AWS certification in big data might boost your chances of landing this position. A big data expert’s primary responsibility is to organise, gather, analyse, and process data in order to produce actionable business insights and outcomes.

The median income of a big data expert is $108,499.


Since the demand for AWS is constantly increasing in the world, there are higher job options emerging for people in this field. So, if you are able to acquire the AWS certification, you can attain any of the above-mentioned jobs and increase your earning capacity.

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