Using mobile apps to check the train coach position

Train Coach Position Using PNR Status on the Zoop website

With the Aid of PNR Status, Verify Train Coach Position.

You can also determine your coach’s location on a train by using the PNR number and train number, in addition to the train number itself. We’ll try to find out how they’re both doing.

Procedure: 1.

Step 1: Enter Zoop into the search bar on Google. in.

Step 2: A variety of options are available when you click Train Details.

Step 3. Click the Coach Position button  

Step 4: After selecting Coach Position, open a new window and enter your train number there.

Step 05: Enter the train number and press the Submit button.

Step 6: The coach now has a complete view of your train.

On zoop app 

Step 1: Enter “zoop app” into the search bar of the Google Play or Apple App Store.

Step 2: Click and download the application to your smartphone.

Step #3: Go to and open the zoop Train app.

Step 4: You can now see the position of the train coaches.

Step 5: Click, enter your train number, and hit submit.

Step 6: At this point, you can see every coach on your train and discuss them in this PNR.

More about Train Seat Position.

While preparing the final train reservation chart, Indian Railway decides on the coach positions. Two to three hours prior to the scheduled departure time of the train from the source station, these reservation charts are created. One must enter their ticket PNR number in the box provided above and click the “Get Train Coach Position.” button in order to receive the exact coach status. If you’re sure how to check PNR number, click on the link.

Every coach position number is identified by a numeric number. As an illustration, if your coach position number is 12, it means that your coach is the 12th coach after the engine. Please be aware that your ticket PNR number will not be able to track the position of the train bogies if your ticket is still on the waitlist even after the chart has been prepared.

How Can I Check My PNR Status Via WhatsApp Or My Phone?

See our previous article if you want to learn how to get your PNR number or status via SMS or a mobile number. Continue reading this article if you want to learn how to get your PNR status through WhatsApp.

If you follow the instructions below, it will be simple for you to learn the train PNR status via WhatsApp.

Step 01: First, add the WhatsApp number ( +91-7042062070) for the zoop app to your contact list.

Step 2: Open WhatsApp and then type “Save contact” into the search bar.

Step 3: Send your PNR number to the zoop app’s WhatsApp number and start a WhatsApp chat.

Step 4: Just a sec. you receive a message with your PNR status.

Step 5: You can now easily check the Train Coach Position on WhatsApp.

The same steps we took to check PNR Status must be followed in order to check the train running status through WhatsApp.

However, you will have to send a train number rather than your 10-digit PNR number, and you can easily After some erasure, all the information pertaining to your train will be sent to the zoop WhatsApp number.

What is the train’s coach position?

Irctc coach position refers to the total number of trains from the train’s engine to the last compartment for which you have made a reservation.

If the coach number on your ticket is written as SL4, it means that the coach is a sleeper and is the fourth coach to depart from the engine.

If you struggle to locate your seat on the train, don’t worry; Zoop will make an effort to describe the seat layout in your Indian Train as clearly as possible.

Prior to comprehending the layout of a train seat, it is important to understand the type of layout of the seat and the intended route of travel.

Each train has a different seat configuration, but some of the most well-liked train coach positions in India are quite common, so between 80 and 90 percent of the train’s positions are prepared with that coach position in mind.

Train class types.

Every train consists of a variety of coaches. Due to their routes and trains, all trains have a limited number of coaches. The appearance of Train Coach Position has undergone numerous changes for convenience; a few of these are listed below.

  • Primary AC (1AC).
  • Executive Anubhuti (EA).
  • AC Executive Class.
  • Second AC, also known as AC-2 tier.
  • Premier (FC).
  • AC3A, also known as third AC.
  • Economy of the Third AC (3E).
  • (CC) AC Chair Car.
  • (SL) Sleeper.
  • (2S) Second Seating.

According to the type of class, train seating is different. A railway seat map gives people/passengers thorough information regarding the overall number of berths/seats, train seat layout structure, and other things.

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