Drain X Auger: The Best Unclogging Tool

Whatever the cause or location of a blocked pipe, you’ll find the right solution with a drain X auger or a twist drain auger.

Whether the water rises dangerously in the toilet bowl or the water in the bathtub won’t go down, discovering a clog is often the start of hours spent unclogging pipes. Homemade gadgets to clear severe clogs take time to assemble and damage or get stuck in the pipes, which could worsen the situation. While no homeowner wants to deal with a clogged drain, drain X auger are common; especially seeing how much goes down our drains daily, without us realizing it. 

So how do plumbers unclog those stubborn drains anyway? Take a look at the professional plumbing tool: drain X auger and a twist drain auger. There are several different versions that most plumbers will always carry with them. Essentially a primary tool, but a drain X auger is best for stubborn drain clogs that won’t budge, and for clearing drains as well

Most of these augers are crank operated and best suited for persistent or significant drain clogs. The powered twist drain auger will pierce the center of the obstruction in a corkscrew fashion.The drain X auger lodges inside the drain clog, breaks it open, and pulls it out. There are few obstructions powered augers can’t get through (when used correctly of course)!

Twist Drain Auger For Toilets Or Sinks

A twist drain auger is used for sink and tub clogs. It has a flexible stainless steel cable and a corkscrew tip at the end. The cable is coiled inside the tool and goes deep into the drain to penetrate the clog, break it up and remove it. With the help of a thumb screw, you lock the cable inside the auger and you can turn the handle to rotate the cable as it winds up the pipe.

A twist drain auger is explicitly shaped to help with persistent toilet clogs. Shaped very similar to a standard plunger, an additional rubber flap is attached to the dome of the plunger head. It is this flap that seals around the toilet bowl hole. The result is a different level of hydraulic pressure often required to dislodge more considerable obstructions.

Equipment for Video Inspection

While this tool won’t help clear clogged drains, it does go a long way in identifying significant clogs in your gutters and speeding up the process. In these cases, a plumber would insert a miniature camera into the drains to closely inspect the pipes. This camera is mounted on a fiber optic cable routed throughout the drainage system for optimal viewing.

Tools Not Recommended

There are certain do’s and don’ts in the plumbing profession when clearing a clogged drain. One of them is the use of chemical drain cleaners:

  • Chemical drain cleaners aren’t practical: they don’t completely dissolve the clog. These products are highly corrosive due to their acid content; this will only damage the drain pipes and lead to significant problems down the road.
  • Chemical drain cleaners are also very toxic: they give off poisonous gases, pollute our water, and pollute the landfill.

When choose Drain X auger?

Drain X augers are designed explicitly for severe clogs in the toilet. In this case, a sink auger just wouldn’t cut it, you’d need the specific design of this tool to get the job done. The auger would need to penetrate deep into the system, past the bottom of the toilet bowl.

The Drain X auger is fast, effective, and generally very reliable for attacking stubborn drain clogs. This device is fed from a high pressure water supply through your clogged drain via a hose and nozzle. A plumber inserts the hose and nozzle into the pipes and shoots high-pressure water to clean the drain pipes. This not only removes clogs, but also helps remove hard deposits and minerals from hard water.

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