How to Convert TikTok Video to Audio

How to Convert TikTok Video to Audio

TikTok’s music is cool and trendy, and sometimes we’re more interested in audio than video. Downloading TikTok videos is easy. However, downloading TikTok audio is a bit complicated. Here’s how to convert TikTok videos to audio.

First, you need to download your videos on TikTok, you can easily do it by selecting the videos you want to download. Then press the share button and click save video Your video will be saved in your gallery. However, if TikTok users have private accounts, it may not be possible to download videos this way. You can use Videodownloaded, a free TikTok video downloader that lets you download videos without watermarks. Use the steps below to download your video.

·Go to TikTok browser or TikTok app.

· Select the video you want to download.

· Press the share button on the right.

• Select the Copy Link icon.

· Paste the link into the field bar.

· Click “Convert Now”.

·Wait for Downtik to finish processing the video, then click Download.

· The video will be downloaded to your gallery.

How can I extract audio from tiktok video?

Now that you have downloaded your video, the next step is to extract the audio. There are many applications that can help you convert video to Mp3 format. Here are some of the best apps that allow you to download, extract, convert and save your TikTok audio.

1. Video downloaded

Videodownloaded is an application that enables its users to convert audio files in .mp3 format. To convert video files to audio using Videodownloaded, follow these steps:

· Download and install Videodownloaded from your app store.

· Open the app and select Extract Audio.

· Find the TikTok video you downloaded.

· Select the start and end time of the audio.

· Select the desired format and press Extract Audio then done.

How to Convert TikTok Video to Audio
How to Convert TikTok Video to Audio

2. Qload

Qload allows users to download TikTok videos and audios to MP3 format. Downloading your audio with Qload works great because you don’t need to download TikTok’s video first. If you want to download audio from TikTok videos, press Audio at the bottom of the screen. Then tap the share icon to copy the audio link. Paste the audio to the Qload audio downloader platform. Press ‘Process’ and then ‘Download Track’ and you’ll love this track.

3. LoveTik

LoveTik is a tool that allows you to convert TikTok videos to MP3 format for free. Copy the TikTok video link and paste it on the field bar of LoveTik, then click Go. Select the MP3 format and press the [Download] button.

4. SSStik

ssstiktok downloader is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to download videos in MP3 format. To convert your video, paste the link from the TikTok mp3 Converter SSSTikTok website, press [count] to download and your music track will be saved in your local storage.

5. TT Down

Find the video on the TikTok browser or app. Copy the link of the TikTok video and visit the TTDown website. Paste the “Paste TikTok video link here” link on the toolbar and hit GO. Once the page reloads, scroll down until you find a green button that says Download mp3. Click the button and wait for the page to load. Click to download the mp3 and click “Save Link As” to save it with the name you want.

6. uTube MP4

uTubeMP4 is an online tool that allows downloading video and audio. To download your video on uTubeMP4: Copy the video URL on TikTok and paste the link on the field bar of the uTubeMP4 website, then press the download button. A download link will be generated and all you have to do is click on the audio section. When you get the format you want, just click “Download” and your app will be saved in your local storage.

TikTok has a unique collection of popular and catchy tunes that you can use as your phone ringtone or alarm clock. The process is not difficult and only involves converting or extracting audio files, the rest doesn’t even require an internet connection as it’s all in your settings. Users should also be aware of online converters as some may be unsafe and some contain too many ads.

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