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Have you heard about glamorous embroidery loops for embroidery machines but do n’t really understand how they work or if they will help you exaggerate? I understand that. Before this, I do n’t know about that. But now I see how the glamorous circle machine can be a real game changer for the embroidery sucker.

While doing my exploration, one thing I’ve come to realize is that glamorous embroidery loops are centralizing! Some people love them and some people suppose they’re a complete waste of plutocrat. So which one is it? Will glamorous embroidery loops help you in your embroidery process? Or are they a trick you should avoid?

What Are glamorous Embroidery loops?

A glamorous circle is analogous to a regular embroidery circle. As you ’re presumably familiar with, a regular embroidery circle fits with the top of the circle going inside the bottom and the fabric and stabilizer secured in between. This works best if the material isn’t too thick and the area you’re trying to exaggerate is fluently accessible.

glamorous embroidery loops are analogous to a regular embroidery circle except that the stabilizer and the object you’re stretching on taradiddle on the bottom of the circle piece. still, it differs from a regular embroidery circle in that the top piece of the circle doesn’t go inside the nethermost piece. It simply lifts up and the attractions hold it together, stuffing the stabilizer and the item together between the glamorous pieces.

Not all glamorous loops are the same. Some glamorous loops have a complete frame as the top of the circle while others do n’t have a top frame, just individual attractions.

What Are The Different Types?

There are a many different brands of glamorous Embroidery digitizing service loops that you can buy. Some of the most popular include

Snap Hoop Monster hoops from DIME

Have a character for being extremely strong and durable. In fact, they’re so strong that some druggies have difficulty separating them. They correspond of two glamorous blocks completely bewitched around the border to insure a secure hold.

Potent loops

Is another brand worth checking out. They’ve a character of being really strong. They announce that they will carry utmost anything from thick bedspreads to Carhartt jackets.

Embroider glamorous loops

Are much less precious than the other two brands, but not as secure. rather of having a top frame, they’ve a large section of attractions that you use to secure the fabric and stabilizer to the bottom frame.

Are glamorous Embroidery Hoops Good?

Yes, I love mine! And, glamorous embroidery loops are indeed better than traditional embroidery loops in some hooping situations. still, all loops aren’t of the same quality, and not all machines will work with all loops. And, of course, glamorous embroidery loops can only be used with specific systems.

Although they’re precious and have a limited range of uses, I still suppose that retaining at least one glamorous circle is a huge help. Now, I’ve an Embroidex circle for my embroidery machine Family SE1900, and I’ve two Dime Snap Hoop Monsters and a Family glamorous girdle Frame for my Family Luminaire XP2. I ’m surprised how frequently I turn to them now!

How To Use glamorous Embroidery Hoops

All glamorous embroidery circle brands work else, and not all options are compatible with all machines. That’s why it’s important to determine the types that work with your machine so you know what you can exaggerate and how to use them.

Then’s an overview of numerous brands and types of glamorous embroidery loops and how they work.

Dime Monster Snap Hoops

irst, Dime has its patented Monster Snap Hoops, which you can use for one- step hooping with minimum hand strain. Now, I recommend using Dime’s glamorous embroidery hoops comity map to determine comity and vacuity for your machine. Compatible machine brands include Brother, Janome, Babylock, Bernina, Husqvarna Viking, and Pfaff.

Needle machines( with a maximum circle size of 6 ″ x10 ″ or larger). Multi-needle snap circle monsters are also an option for numerous Family, Janome, and Babylock 6- and 10- needle machines.

As a note, commodity I learned the hard way isn’t to remove your snap circle from the machine using the top attraction frame. I ’ve accidentally removed it from my embroidery systems,de-centering them and ruining unborn stitching. So, if you need to trim applique fabric or jump aches, remove the circle from the machine while holding both sides of the frame.

Potent Hoop

One of the stylish glamorous circle options formulti-needle embroidery machines is the potent Hoop, which was originally developed to work with leather and Carhartt jackets.

As a single needle machine stoner with no direct experience then, I ’ll leave an expert videotape above to help you learn the difference and see how to use the potent circle! Just be sure to check with the company for comity with your machine before copping .

Amazon Version( aka The Only glamorous loops Compatible with My Family SE1900)

The glamorous circle for my Family SE1900 isn’t a genuine Family accessory, as Brother presently doesn’t make one for this machine.( Nor is there any plutocrat for that matter.) still, for my embroidery machine Family SE1900 and numerous other entry- position embroidery machines, Embroidex has retailed a glamorous essence circle. I just got the new 5 ″ x12 ″ and love it.

Genuine Family glamorous Embroidery Hoops

My Family Luminaire XP2 embroidery machine also has a 7 ″ x14 ″ compatible Family ingrained Hoopnetic glamorous girdle Frame that came with its purchase. It’s really easy to reattach spread sections between sewing using this glamorous circle because you can leave some of the attractions and just pull the fabric through. Also, attractions can be used to smooth the fabric, making for tighter hooping than my Snap Hoops.

One major debit, however, is because of the bulk of the circle( it’s really heavy compared to song snap loops and the attraction strength is strong) the maximum sewing speed you can use with it’s 600spm. Since my machine can exaggerate at,050 spm with other loops, it smells a bit. Also, while the 7 ″ x14 ″ glamorous embroidery circle just works with the Brother XP1 and XP2 machines, for other larger circle Family machines, the Brother SAMF180 5 ″ x7 ″ glamorous circle is an option. Check ZDIGITIZING Embroidery digitizing services.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on using glamorous embroidery loops. Let me know about it what you exaggerate with your glamorous circle!

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